My name is Lydia Jansen van Vuuren. I am a qualified SACE registered Waldorf teacher living in Still Bay, Western Cape in South Africa. I have spent ten years in Waldorf primary education actively teaching. During this time I developed a passion for the creative methods that Waldorf education employ to bring math and numbers to children. Not only did it heal me from blocks towards math I still carried with me from childhood but I also witnessed how well children respond to these methods and how a love and an interest in numbers are cultivated that far exceed traditional methods of teaching.

This website and blog are dedicated to teachers, parents and parents who home school their children. My focus for now will be mainly on foundation phase (grade 1-3). I hope to give you a clear insight and many ideas of how to introduce your child to mathematics and numbers for the very first time. The aim is to deliver the content in such a way that your child will be intrigued and interested and the foundation of a love for math will be established. I can assure you that this is a wonderful journey for child, teacher and parent alike and holds the promise of many hours of joy.