Introduction: Creative Math for Children

A warm welcome to all moms, dads and teachers. My name is Lydia Jansen van Vuuren and if there is one thing that I am passionate about, it is math. I am even more passionate about teaching math to children. I am a Waldorf teacher and have actively taught for 10 years. During these years I have fallen in love with Waldorf methodology. Not only does it focus on the individual  child and teaching him/her according to his/her needs, it also takes into consideration the developmental phases of children and many more aspects that are sadly neglected in more traditional teaching methods. Most children respond and thrive when Waldorf teaching methods are correctly applied. They are happy, interested and intrigued and enjoy numbers and math as they would one of their favorite subjects.

During my time of teaching I have come across many teachers and parents who were keen to learn more about teaching their children math in a more child friendly manner. It is from this need that this website has been born. I have decided to offer my experience to teachers and parents and I sincerely hope that you will benefit from it. I know how much children enjoyed, learned and grew from the mathematical activities in my class and I would love to share it with you. For now I will focus on numbers and processes in the foundation phase (grade 1-3). It will take the form of informative blogs focusing mostly on the educational insights of Rudolf Steiner. I will start with an introduction of his world view and philosophical insights pertaining education. Then will follow a three part series on his developmental phases of childhood. After that will follow a blog on the threefold approach to teaching and also cultivating a healthy attitude and realistic expectation towards the study of math. Then will follow lesson plans with beautiful stories, songs, rhythmical games and illustrations all designed to capture your child’s interest and heart.

I am looking forward to sharing the exciting journey of introducing your child to the magical world of numbers for the first time.

Until our next meeting, take care 🙂

Teacher Lydia


2 thoughts on “Introduction: Creative Math for Children

  1. Hello, Lydia! I am excited to see your upcoming posts about math. I am a home educator and math questions are probably one of the most common topics on the various Waldorf groups and forums, probably because many of us did NOT receive the sort of math education we wish to bring our children, and probably also due to lack of a truly comprehensive Waldorf math curricula. So, all that to say, it is exciting to see a blog dedicated to the topic! Thanks so much for offering your experience with us.

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    1. Hello Amanda. Thank you for your message and you are very welcome. The way Waldorf brings math to children is so inspiring and I recall many happy memories from my math classes. I am excited and looking forward to be of help to homeschooling parents like yourself. If you have any questions you are welcome to ask. 🙂


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