Creative Math for Children

How to teach children math in a fun and creative way.

Rudolf Steiner: The Three Day Rhythm in Waldorf Education.

Sleeping has a profound effect on our being, much more so than is realized. Rudolf Steiner says that during sleep, processes of the greatest intensity and far-reaching effect take place in the soul. Nothing is known of all this because in sleep the person is without consciousness. This nightly journey into the spiritual also has a profound influence on the learning processes of the human being and in Waldorf education it is actively incorporated into the learning process.


Rudolf Steiner and The Threefold Approach to Teaching in the Waldorf Classroom

Introduction Rudolf Steiner based his educational model on what he defined as the three soul forces, activities or qualities namely thinking, feeling and willing. These faculties are also referred to as head, heart and hands in Waldorf education. The sole... Continue Reading →

Rudolf Steiner and the Developmental Phases of Childhood: Puberty to Twenty One.

Introduction The sadness of our present day intellectual culture is that it has totally estranged adults from the soul of a child. A fully intellectualized adult has no idea or connection to a child's soul's experience or thinking. In order... Continue Reading →

Rudolf Steiner and the Developmental Phases of Childhood: The first dentition to puberty – 8 December 2016

This article is based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. Early childhood - a brief summary     In order to move on to the second developmental phase of the child lets just recap what happens during the early years.... Continue Reading →

Rudolf Steiner and the Developmental Phases of Childhood: Early Childhood – 30 November 2016

This imitative quality that permeates the small child up to the change of teeth will have a profound influence on the methodology and pedagogy concerning how the child is educated.

Rudolf Steiner and the Developmental Phases of Childhood: Introduction: Acquiring knowledge – real life observation versus orthodox science.

Our intellect tells us constantly what should be as is dictated by the media and science and statistical data when reality might be far from it.

Introduction: Creative Math for Children

A warm welcome to all moms, dads and teachers. My name is Lydia Jansen van Vuuren and if there is one thing that I am passionate about, it is math. I am even more passionate about teaching math to children.... Continue Reading →

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